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Raco Ruiz Stages Second Exhibit “Surrealicious” at Secret Fresh this August

Visual artist and content creator Raco Ruiz is set to stage his second solo exhibit titled “Surrealicious” at Secret Fresh this August.

While followers on social media may know him for his viral, hilarious TikTok content such as his “Spongebro” series and his take on “conyo” culture, Raco is also an accomplished visual artist with works heavily influenced by surrealism, graffiti art, pop art, and lowbrow cartoon art.

To date, he has participated in various exhibitions such as group shows "Neighborhood" and “Surprise” at R Gallery in 2022, and his first solo show, "Ruined." His artist portfolio is also rich, having crafted original characters and having been commissioned to create murals, album art, digital flyers, portraits, stickers, and shirts in his signature bright, in-your-face, trippy style.

For “Surrealicious,” Raco culled memories from his childhood—a recurring theme in his art—and looked to the familiar and beloved mascots found on cereal boxes for inspiration. He will apply the aforementioned signature style in breathing new life into the protagonists of his favorite breakfast treats.

“Cereal mascots were my best friends growing up. I spent every morning with them. And for me and other children and their parents, cereal treats were thought to be the best way to start the day right. But that idea is sugar-coated,” Raco said.

“For a kid, the morning cereal ritual can be considered a euphoric, surreal experience where the lines of reality are blurred. In “Surrealicious,” guests will see visual representations of this state— that sugar rush brought about by our favorite breakfast cereals,” he added.

“Surrealicious” will be staged at Secret Fresh, the gallery owned by visionary artist and toy designer Bigboy Cheng. Known for curating innovative exhibitions that push the boundaries of artistic expression, Secret Fresh provides the perfect setting for Raco’s second solo show. Secret Fresh is located at creative hub Ronac Center along Ortigas Avenue, San Juan.

The exhibit will be accessible to the public for free. It will open on August 6, from 4pm to 6pm, and in the following days until August 18, open from 11am. to 6pm.

Special thanks to our sponsors Yellow Cab Pizza, Pickup Coffee and Gandour Philippines and our media partners and Esquire Philippines.

Raco is an exclusive talent of NYMA, a talent agency focused on nurturing trailblazers to break through all media spaces. NYMA’s vision is to be the home of Filipino talents in the country and bring Filipino entertainment to the world. To learn more about NYMA, visit

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