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PIE is the newest and first-ever interactive entertainment channel in the Philippines. Rooted by the love of Filipinos for television throughout the years – starting from traditional and evolving into digital – we thought of reinventing the way they get to be entertained. Why settle for just watching when they could be participating, enjoying, and even winning!

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We created a lineup of extra fun programs that fuses the best of TraDigital, amplified by our well-loved influencer and celebrity hosts. From the audience being boss calling the shots on what challenges the studio contestant takes on in “Ur Da Boss,” to the fun showdowns where viewers get to pick and vote “Sinong Manok Mo”, to the interactive narrative series “The Chosen One,” audiences are sure to have a good time and of course, score big prizes!

Through PIE, we give Filipino audiences get to interact with the shows they love and experience television like never before.

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