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‘Wake Up With Jim and Saab’ joins ANIMA Podcasts, enters new season

Wake Up With Jim and Saab, one of the country’ first local podcasts that started in 2018, enters 2024 with a new season and new home.

Hosted by real-life couple and podparents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona, the long-running podcast is officially joining ANIMA Podcasts’ slate starting February.

"This new year, our podcast found a new home under ANIMA Podcasts, and we're super excited about it! The best part about this new partnership is getting the ANIMA Podcast team's full support in keeping our episodes as authentic as possible,” Jim and Saab shared in a statement.

Wake Up With Jim and Saab’s engaged community of Podkids need not worry about this change as the podcast will deliver the same well-loved content that it has for years. “Thanks for being part of this awesome journey with us, and we hope you're ready for more fun episodes ahead," the couple said.

Through the years, the podcast has delivered a wide range of content that hits the spot— whether it's a retelling of an entire day spent eating froyo and consulting with a chiropractor to practical tips on how to deal when you’re having a panic attack. This ability to create conversations around the momentous and the mundane, coupled with the hosts’ genuine connection and gift of gab, make up the podcast’s charm.

Mel Lozano-Alcaraz, Head of ANIMA Podcasts, shared: “We are happy to welcome Wake Up With Jim and Saab to ANIMA Podcasts. The show, its hosts, and their engaging kwentuhan resonate with our goal of creating meaningful and insightful conversations on parenting, family, pop culture and everyday life. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for us, as we eagerly anticipate the synergies and creative possibilities that will unfold.”

Follow Wake Up With Jim and Saab on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and on Instagram, too.


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