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Mayora Frances Cabatuando's Home Buddies inspires classroom makeovers

She’s giving back… to school!

In 2020, Mayora Frances Cabatuando’s Home Buddies created a 3-million strong Facebook phenomenon that got people budol shopping and sharing home improvement tips. Its cultural impact is so immense it has even inspired #TeamPuti and #TeamKahoy aesthetic trends that are now staples in every Filipino household.

Fast forward to 2022, with Home Buddies being on its second year, the budol phenomenon doesn’t stop as #TeamPuti, #TeamKahoy and more budol trends have made it to Pinoy classrooms!

Take a look at these Home Buddies-inspired classroom transformations. The first comes from teacher Vhalyn Sed Sedig from the Magugpo Pilot Imelda Elementary School SPED-Center, which features sleek white and wood painted chairs and a snazzy one-on-one area with artificial grass flooring to boot!

Another awe-inspiring classroom transformation comes from teacher CJ Sidlao who transformed a storage room to turn it into a classroom, which he lovingly calls the Second Home for Learners with Special Needs.

This classroom makeover by Adjan Ustare, meanwhile, was even able to incorporate greenery into its #teamberde overhaul!

These are just some of many Home Buddies inspired transformation entries which can be found on the Home Buddies page. All of these come from the pockets of the teachers themselves who volunteered to spruce up their spaces simply because of their love for their students, proving that our teachers truly have the biggest hearts!

Inspired by the wonderful classroom transformations of these teachers, Mayora Frances and her team of tanods at Home Buddies have decided to give back to these schools as part of the festivities of Home Buddies’ 2nd Anniversary celebration, which include both online and on-ground events such as a makeover already in progress, the Brigada Eskwela SPED Classroom Makeover for Pasay City North High School - MDC.

Napili namin ang paaralan na ito dahil sila ay may Inclusive Education program na hindi present sa lahat ng mga schools currently. The program needs support so that more public schools can have SPED programs as well. I really love giving back to schools and our educators. I think it's because of my family's background. My parents are both government employees. My aunts were public school teachers. My cousins served the church. Being surrounded by big-hearted people made my heart bigger, too.”, Cabatuando said.

Join the rapidly growing online village! Check out Home Buddies ( and Home Buddies Hangouts ( or search “Home Buddies Hangouts” under Groups.

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