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ANIMA Studios, Black Sheep release jaw-dropping teaser for ‘I Am Not Bird’

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The cat is finally out of the bag! Or should we say, the bird’s out of the cage?

The first teaser to Enrique Gil’s comeback film “I Am Not Big Bird” has just been released by ANIMA Studios and Black Sheep, fittingly at 6:09pm on Thursday, October 12.

It’s revealed that while on a holiday in Thailand, Enrique’s character finds himself and his pals in an adventure bigger and wilder than what they have anticipated after being mistaken for a porn star called Big Bird.

In an exclusive interview with international entertainment website Deadline, the award-winning actor shared how thrilled he is to be headlining a straight-up comedy, especially one so raunchy after being on break for three years during the pandemic.

He will be joined on screen by co-actors Nikko Natividad, Pepe Herrera, and Red Ollero.

Directed by Victor Villanueva and co-written by Lilit Reyes and Joma Labayen, “I Am Not Big Bird” is coming soon in cinemas.

Watch the teaser here:

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