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Home Buddies founder Frances Lim Cabatuando launches new Facebook community for hangout spot lovers

Great news, hangout lovers: NYMA Talent Mayora Frances Lim Cabatuando of Home Buddies is expanding her online city for you! Home Buddies Hangouts is an expansion of the massively successful Home Buddies Facebook Community.

Home Buddies, a Facebook community born during the pandemic, was created with one goal in mind: to inspire and equip Filipinos with ideas on how they can live and work comfortably while stuck at home.

Home Buddies has been and continues to be a massive success and is now the largest Facebook Community in the Asia Pacific (excluding India), with 3 million online neighbors. It was also recently awarded over US$80,000 in funding under the 2021 Community Accelerator Program of Meta’s Facebook.

Cabatuando hopes to keep this momentum going with Home Buddies Hangouts, her newest Facebook Community.

“From merely being a home enthusiasts group, Home Buddies has become one of Filipinos’ go-to sources for authentic finds and reviews. Since we’ve been successful in helping Filipinos navigate the pandemic home improvement era, we believe there’s a role for us to play in helping them enter this revenge travel phase. The goal of Home Buddies Hangouts is to inspire better vacations, with a strong focus on better accommodations. Because we believe that the best trip is a well-rested one,” Cabatuando said.

As a community leader for positive impact in society, Cabatuando also sees how Home Buddies Hangouts can give the local tourism industry a boost. Home Buddies is known to be a hugely influential group especially in the Metro, where it has caused product shortages and trending hashtags like #TeamPuti and #TeamKahoy through its members. Home Buddies Hangouts aims to replicate the same success for travel and hangout spots.

“This idea has been brewing at the back of my mind. I always knew I’d expand to Hangouts because I personally enjoy traveling and I’m seeing the sentiments of people about missing travel. I just needed to find the perfect timing, and now seems to be it,” Cabatuando said.

Home Buddies Hangouts soft launched on April 17, 2022 while Cabatuando was finding a place to celebrate her brother’s 21st birthday. She was lucky to find a secret lake house in Pililia, Rizal that wasn’t listed on travel apps yet.

“I think people are seeing the merit of this little big travel group. In 2 months, we’re now at 20,000 members and over 300 posts. We've actually already given out 2 overnight stays, one in Cavite and one in Quezon City. More to come as we continue to grow!!” she said.

Join the rapidly growing Home Buddies Hangouts now via or search “Home Buddies Hangouts” under Facebook Groups.

Cabatuando is one of the exclusive talents under NYMA, a talent agency focused on nurturing trailblazers to break through all media spaces. She currently posts regular vlogs on her channels: on YouTube and on Facebook. She is also a TV host. Make sure to watch her on Piesilog every morning from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on the newest interactive channel, PIE!

Follow @iampieofficial on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube or tune in via their website at

NYMA’s vision is to be the home of the best Filipino talents in the country and the world. The agency is one of the eight brands under tradigital entertainment company KROMA. To know more about NYMA, visit


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