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ANIMA Studios’ modern love story “Missed Connections” clinches #1 spot on Netflix

ANIMA Studios takes viewers on another romantic, complicated adventure with its latest offering “Missed Connections.” The movie debuted on Netflix last June 2, 2023 and has held the top spot for most watched movies on the said platform for four consecutive days since June 4.

“Missed Connections” navigates the ups and downs of modern love from the perspective of a lonely young woman whose unforgettable encounter with a mysterious man through a dating app takes her on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

The movie stars Filipino kiddie-turned-dramatic actress Miles Ocampo, actor-model Kelvin Miranda and actress-dancer Chie Filomeno. “Missed Connections” follows the journey of Mae (Ocampo) as she searches for a man (Miranda) she encountered in what felt like serendipity. Her search leads her to use a dating app called Missed Connections in hopes of finding the man she believes is “the one.”

Directed by Jelise Chung, “Missed Connections” is a love story fit for the times. Acclaimed actors JC Santos at Matet de Leon complete the cast.

ANIMA, a Philippine-based entertainment studio under KROMA Entertainment, is committed to quality storytelling. ANIMA Studios has garnered critical acclaim and won numerous awards for its production of visually stunning and compelling stories that cut across genres including “Leonor Will Never Die,” “OTJ: The Missing 8,” and “Fan Girl.”

Don’t miss out on “Missed Connections”— produced by ANIMA Studios and now streaming on Netflix! For more updates, like and follow the official social media pages @netflixph and @animastudiosph.


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